~ The Shop with the Craftsmanship traditions in gold & silver ~


Founded 1886 by Nils Selander, born in Århus Denmark 1860. He was taught by L. Dahlberg in Kristianstad. After that he opened his own goldsmithing shop in Hässleholm. After his death in 1919 the concern was passed on the widow and then later to the son Svante Selander until his death in 1954. The widow Siri ran the shop until 1956 when it was taken over by Gösta Grahm. 1972 was when I, Bolennart Olsson, started as an apprentice and after becoming a journeyman in gold and silversmithing I went out to see the world and after 16 years I returned with my family and took over the shop.

We have focused on craftsmanship and with a master in both gold and silversmithery we can make everything from a charm to church silver and all from unique design. We have costumers from all of Sweden and big parts of Europe. Our trademark is to always treat our costumers with the best service. By always ensuring high quality craft, excellent service and keeping an affordable price range we have ensured a loyal customer base. We are not satisfied until the Customer is satisfied. You are welcome to call or e-mail us or come visit us in the store and we will assist you. – Bolennart Olsson gold & silversmithsmaster